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Form submission: Suggestion
Title of suggestion:: rewards for credits / rpp

Summary of suggestion:: Stuff like Gas Mask suits

stuff that you can get only with credits/rpp system as those things will be reasonably hard to get meaning those that get them should be rewarded and rewarded well with stuff like Gas Mask suits, Hazmat Suits, cool clothing that you can only get with the credits/rpp

Why should it be implemented?: Because it rewards those who work hard keeping the server alive and roleplays

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 •  Nephew, Rossi
Our current plans for our custom credits system is to make them redeemable (as in, once spent you no longer have them) in exchange for unlocking certain items, purchasing money or possibly even acquiring donator. In terms of unlocking items, cars and outfits/playermodels are going to be the main ones.

This suggestion is technically already WIP, but I'll keep the thread open for now to allow some discussion on how we can improve the system
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 •  Rossi
I'd definitely want something more than just the basic gas mask suit that is standard with Gmod. Maybe it's be cool to have a couple different ones and maybe the cooler looking ones are more rare to get. Something like that maybe.
+support maybe have ones that give you extra health or extra perks?
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