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Top bar
Subject: Top bar

Platform: 2

Summary: the bar at the top of the page is there when logged out but not when logged in
Logged in:
[Image: Screenshot_20201112-092107_Samsung_Internet.jpg]

Logged out:
[Image: Screenshot_20201112-092036_Samsung_Internet.jpg]

Screenshots: Unknown
What screen resolution are you running?
Community Coordinator (Lead Developer)
(11-12-2020, 12:16 PM)Tails Wrote: What screen resolution are you running?
desktop mode on mobile
It does seem fine on my pc tho

Fixed as far as possible.

This had something to do with the navbar not having enough space to fit in, often can be experienced when browsing on mobiles. This theme is not a proper responsive theme, and we will likely be making a different theme for mobiles only. However, instead of the navbar completely hiding, it will now only hide as few elements as possible.

Thank you for reporting.


Kind Regards,
Tesseract Developer

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