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Open Beta (Beta Phase 2)
[Image: SjyiTpe.png]
Open (Public) Beta will commence on December 1st

After extensive testing by our private beta testers and development team, we are currently satisfied with the stability of the gamemode. This means we are commencing our move to the second phase of beta - where all of our community will be able to take part. Open beta testers will be able to receive the same benefits as closed beta testers, at CC's discretion.

We have no set end date, and plan to run testing until both the development team and the beta testers are satisfied with the content on offer. Throughout testing we will be pushing regular updates.
For anyone curious, the beta will be much the same as the release server from a content standpoint, but there is currently no administration and all players start with $10 million to allow them to purchase cars, weapons, contraband etc. We are still pushing both bug fixes and large content updates to the server, so make sure to check the changelogs regularly.

We hope to see you ingame soon,
Tesseract Servers Development
Community Coordinator (Lead Developer)
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Finally Smile
Kind Regards,
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Let's roll, folks
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