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Official Launch Date
[Image: SjyiTpe.png]
Launch Date: December 23 2020

Greetings gamers,

Our open beta period has been wildly successful, and we've received some great feedback from everyone that participated. Because of this, we will be launching officially on the 23rd of December. Some people may wonder why we picked a date so close to christmas - mainly because this is at the end of the exam/prelim diet so the dev team will be more available, and also because its the start of many school and work holidays for people. We're not expecting anyone to put their Christmas plans on hold so don't worry if you cant make it, the server isn't going anywhere :)

We've done our best to ensure the absolute maximum performance for players on our server - this includes using some experimental features from Garry's mod - our new hud runs entirely on Chromium, which you need to use a beta branch for. To find out how to do this, see this guide.

Just before the launch, the current database from the beta will be wiped. Anyone with a decent amount of hours we will note down and they will receive their extra $10,000 starting salary, their personal coupon for the store and most of you should have already received your forum badge.

We can't wait to see you on the server in less than a weeks time!
Community Coordinator (Lead Developer)
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Looking forward to being able to play with everyone on the server !!!

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