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[Guide] Weed System
I have recently been making a little Guide on how the Weed System works. All of the steps needed to make weed is below -

Step 1

Firstly you need to find a suitable place to being your Weed Farming, as it is Illegal police might try and stop you if its done in public!

Step 2

Secondly, you would need to contact a Black Market Salesman so you can buy some more ingredients, you will need to buy a Drying Rack, Marijuana Seeds and a Grinder from the Black Market Salesman.

Step 3

After you have bought the ingredients from the Black Market Salesman you will then need to press "F1 > Market > Miscellaneous."  You should then buy A Plant Pot, Plant Food, A Lamp, A Watering Can, Soil and a fan.

Step 4

Once you have completed the previous steps you can now start to make your weed!

To being, press "F1 > Inventory > Miscellaneous." Then Click "Actions" next to the Plant Pot and click "Use"

Once your plant pot has been placed down you can now begin filling it up with all of the ingredients. 

To begin filling the pot up, press "F1 > Inventory > Miscellaneous." You should then click "Actions" on all of the ingredients like "Soil, Water, Food Ect.

Once you have pressed "Use" on all of the ingredients they will now be placed on the floor in front of you, to interact with these you will press "E", To begin pouring the ingredients into the Pot you will hold down "Mouse 2". Once you have filled all the bars to the top, you will need to make sure that the fan is fairly close to the Plant Pot. You can move onto the next stage.

You will now press "F1 > Inventory > Contraband." You should then click "Actions" on Marijuana Seeds and click "Use", you can now use your Physgun and place it in the Plant Pot.

Once you have began growing your Weed you should now prepare the Drying and Grinding stages, You will now press

"F1 > Inventory > Contraband." Click on "Actions" on the Grinder and Drying Rack

You will need to keep on re-filling the Plant Pot with Water and Food for it to continue growing.

Step 5

Whenever the Plant Pot says "Press to Harvest" click "E". After you click E a big block of weed should now exit the plant, you can physgun the Weed block out of the plant and take it over to the Drying Rack and let it dry.

Step 6

You should then click "E" on the Weed block when it is on the Drying Rack and then take the Weed block over to your Grinder. 

Step 7

Finally, once all of the Grinding is over there should then be little weed packets inside of the Grinder, click "E" on these to pick them up into your inventory. After you pick them up  you can now head over to the Weed Dealer behind the Cinema and give them to him.

After you have handed the weed to the dealer you have completed the Weed System. I hope i could help some people get around this system as it definitely inst the most straight forward
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