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Report - Forgee (v2)
Name of Player: Joe Shkreli (Forgee)

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:32211657

When did it happen?: 30-03/2020 / Around 18:00 GMT+1

Summary: We were just minding our own business selling weed, when Forgee comes up and steals our weed, and kills us. He did not say anything to threaten us, he just went over and took all of the weed.

Evidence: [MEDIA=youtube]HSF9vJWvLE8:130[/MEDIA] / There's only a couple seconds worth of it, make sure to turn down the volume
Under Review...
Player Report Semi Approved

-Cash was refunded to Nexa
-User will receive a warning
-Rule added 1.5.1

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